Our guide to our hometown Stockholm

  • Stockholm, Sweden

Stockhome. Okey, not really, but almost. Stockholm, It’s the place where we once met and it’s also the city we live our day to day lives in.

If Stockholm isn’t one of the most beautiful cities in Europe it’s at least many other things. Remarkable for the whole area is that the city and the suburbs are surrounded by green nature and fresh water from Mälaren, the third largest lake in Sweden. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are an outdoor or indoor person, you can ski, skate, climb, swim, kayak, run, dive (not that clear water but it’s possible!), work out in really nice gyms, and attend basically any kind of activity you want only depending on the season.

Stockholm archipelago

The Stockholm Districts

Officially Stockholm consists of 14 islands, it’s the beginning of an archipelago of a total 30 000 islands! A few of these islands are a little bit more exposed than others, and the ones we would recommend you to start to explore are the following four areas:

Vasastan, Östermalm & Norrmalm is where you’ll find the city center, tons of shopping, museums, activities of all preferences and choices and of course many of the clubs and popular restaurants. These are actually three different areas, but they share the same island.

Södermalm and Sofo are south of the city center and this island will give you plenty of great hipster-like restaurants, bars and also clubs in the summer. Gamla Stan is our Old Town and here you can experience the old architecture, the Royal Castle or jump on a boat for a visit to Djurgården where the city theme park is.

Kungsholmen is not the first island you might visit if you only stay for a couple of days but have a few surprises. Walk along the waterfront at Norr Mälarstrand, visit The City Hall or few drinks at Mälarpaviljongen. Also, it’s our home and we love it here.

Where to stay

Airbnb is the place to look for a nice stay here and we recommend you to look for the addresses anywhere in the islands mentioned above. This way you’ll get most out of your money and time.

If you prefer hotels, be sure to check out Story Hotel, Ett Hem, Lydmar Hotel or Downtown Camper which all are smashing recommendations. For budget accommodation we recommend you to stay on the hostel ship Af Chapman in Skeppsholmen.

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Where to eat

The supply of restaurants is amazing with great developments in the last decade which means you’ll find basically any food or drink scene you’d like. It’s difficult to recommend only one or two of our favorite restaurants but if we need to it must be Nosh and Chow, Urban Deli and Flippin Burger.

Getting around

SL is the public transportation system in Stockholm and it is really easy to use. With one card that you can top up with tickets or passes (24 hours, 3-days, weekly) that can be used on the subway (Tunnelbanan), commuter trains, trams, buses and even boats between islands. Uber and taxi also work fine as in any big city and bikes are possible to rent in many hotels around town.

Any questions?

Feel free to ask away and email us at hi@passportstori.es!

About Stockholm

  • Population: 1.5m people
  • Price: Expensive (4/5)
  • Best time to visit during summer months